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Future of Digital Asset Management Summit (8th US Edition)

About The Future Of Digital Asset Management Summit

Welcome to the captivating world of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) Summit, brought to you by Group Futurista! This visionary event unveils the transformative power of digital asset management in an immersive and cutting-edge manner. Step into the realm where the management, organization, and utilization of digital assets reach unprecedented heights. With industry leaders, experts, and innovators at the forefront, the summit delves into the dynamic landscape of DAM, exploring emerging technologies, best practices, and groundbreaking strategies. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of captivating discussions, thought-provoking keynotes, and interactive workshops as the summit unravels the potential of DAM to revolutionize content creation, distribution, and customer experiences. The Digital Asset Management Summit by Group Futurista promises an inspiring journey through the ever-evolving realms of DAM, leaving participants enlightened and equipped to navigate the digital frontier with confidence and finesse.

DAMazing: Unleashing the Power of Digital Asset Management

With organizations drowning in a sea of digital assets, DAM emerges as a superhero, bringing order, efficiency, and creativity to the chaos. Studies reveal that businesses leveraging DAM solutions experience a staggering 30% increase in productivity, a 50% reduction in content creation costs, and a 20% improvement in content delivery time. Join us as we uncover how DAM revolutionizes content management, empowers collaboration, and maximizes the potential of digital assets.

In today's fast-paced digital era, staying ahead is crucial. Discover how DAM provides a competitive edge by enabling seamless collaboration, enhancing brand consistency, and empowering effective decision-making. Unlock the true value of your digital assets with DAM and witness a transformative impact on your organization's content creation, distribution, and customer experiences. Embrace the power of DAM and embark on a journey where the possibilities are limitless and the results are truly "DAMazing”.

Unleashing the Power of Efficient Resource Control

In this digital revolution, organizations are experiencing a paradigm shift propelled by cutting-edge digital management solutions. Statistics show that companies embracing this renaissance witness a remarkable 25% reduction in asset search time, enabling teams to focus more on creative endeavors. Additionally, with an integrated digital management system, businesses report a 30% increase in asset reuse, streamlining workflows, and boosting ROI. Gone are the days of scattered files and fragmented workflows. With a centralized digital management system, businesses experience heightened collaboration and streamlined processes, leading to a 40% improvement in project turnaround time. Experience the transformative impact of efficient resource control through the revolutionized world of digital asset management. Unlocking the power of streamlined processes and centralized management, organizations witness a paradigm shift, optimizing their asset search time by 25% and driving a 30% increase in asset reuse.

From Chaos to Clarity: The Rise of Digital Asset Management

In a world of digital chaos, where content proliferation knows no bounds, "From Chaos to Clarity The Rise of Digital Asset Management"
illuminates a path towards order and efficiency. Digital asset management (DAM) is on the rise, and it's no wonder why. Research indicates that companies utilizing DAM solutions witness a 25% reduction in search time for assets and a remarkable 30% increase in brand consistency. Moreover, DAM enables organizations to repurpose their assets effectively, leading to a 40% decrease in content creation costs. With DAM in place, teams experience streamlined workflows, resulting in a 20% improvement in content delivery time. Furthermore, DAM fosters seamless collaboration, enabling cross-functional teams to access, share, and collaborate on assets effortlessly. Say goodbye to version control nightmares and hello to a collaborative ecosystem where creativity thrives. Experience the rise of DAM and witness the transformation from chaos to clarity in your organization.

“When it comes to early adoption, invisible technologies are often the hardest for humans to relate with. It takes a lot of time and stories to gain a narrative that becomes viable. This is blockchain technology's problem too.” ― Olawale Daniel



Confirmed Speakers


Why Attend

“Any Physical or Digital Commodity that is traded are subject to bubble and crash.” ― Gun Gun Febrianza

Comprehensive Agenda

Innovative keynotes delivered by the industry's true heavyweights, covering practical challenges and subjects which are exclusively entailed in our agenda. Gain subject matter expertise, network, and collaborate to explore solutions that shed light on future business models impacting revenue inflows.

Boost your Business

Futurista Start-up Elevate is a dedicated platform for Startups and VCs. We offer industry-specific startups a showcasing opportunity, enabling them to connect with corresponding VCs and Mentors. A win-win dynamic is created to attain the desired exposure for startups who are looking forward to scaling up their businesses.

Intelligent Event Experience

A smart application will help you connect with key decision makers, share files, brainstorm ideas, and have a seamless networking experience. A comprehensive module covering the entire event, compiled for training purposes, to be made available post-conference, exclusively for the attendees.


Who Should Attend

CXOs, VPs, Directors, Head & Managers of -

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Asset
  • Asset Coordinators
  • Media Specialists
  • Content
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Brand Specialist
  • Creative
  • Product
  • UX/UI Designers
  • IT Professionals
  • PIM

Topics We Cover

Cloud-based DAM

User Experience(UX)

Personalization and Customization

Content Security

Analytics and Reporting

Workflow Automation

Multi-channel Distribution

Rights Management and Permissions

Creative Collaboration Review

Digital Preservation & Archiving

Brand Management and Consistency

Mobile Optimization & Accessibility

Customer Experience

Asset Management


Integrated Solution

Digital Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence(AI) And Machine Learning (ML)






Why Us? We help you see the Bigger Picture at our events. The one that will change your game!


Futurista Startup Elevate

Futurista Startup Elevate is a platform that transforms big-ideas into reality! The FOAM2023 - 3rd April, 2024 will fuel start-ups to take themselves to the top by providing access to VC's, Mentors, and Potential Clientele from the corresponding industries. The perks include Product Showcasing, Speaking Slots, and Campaigns running among our thoroughly researched pack of delegates.

Past Events Future of data protection

Group Futurista's first event- Post-GDPR/The Future of Data Protection 2018 was held in Berlin on 8th & 9th of November. Cross-industrial representatives were invited along with advocates, techno-sociologists, researches, and government representatives to draw a bigger picture of the global impact of GDPR on businesses, societies, and cultures across the world.

The event was effective as it helped many businesses to be better prepared with GDPR and other tech regulations that needed to be enforced and The Futurista Start-up Elevate platform allowed start-ups like Hotshot to showcase their solutions and collaborate with industry-leading organizations.


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“Your investment should be equally risky and rewarding.” ― Anuj Jasani

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Join us in New York City, USA on the 3rd April, 2024


New York City, USA